Our Efforts to Assist Syrian Refugees is Having an Impact

I recently had the chance to travel to Germany on a conference and at the end of the conference the opportunity to visit with a long time friend.

During my visit to my friend's hometown I was honored to have the opportunity to share your generosity with an 11th grade English class at a local high school. In addition, to a local church as well. I am pleased that folks were most amazed at what you all have done and they themselves are wanting to help.

Furthermore, most recently I had the chance to talk about our experience at the Virginia International University in Fairfax. There too the students were inspired about what we all did collectively to help those in need.

I have been in contact with the Turkish NGO about next steps and what help folks in the street as well as the camps need in Turkey. Obviously whatever we do needs to be shipped many miles away and we can only ask so many times for free help to do so.

With tens of thousands of children impacted by this international tragedy there is certainly much need. Thank you again for all that you have done on this and many other things in the community that you are involved with.

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