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Loudoun County Public Schools and Solar: It Makes Financial and Environmental Sense

Always interesting to me how some folks insist solar is not a smart investment for public facilities and in my continuing disappointment in how my own public school system, Loudoun County Public Schools, has not pursued solar as aggressively as other public school divisions in Virginia I decided to do a little homework.
I took the opportunity to submit a Freedom of Information request for the electricity bills for my home high school in Purcellville - Loudoun Valley High School (LVHS) for 2017. In 2017 the school utilized 2,660,589 kWh of electricity for an overall bill of $263,340.04. 
As I wrote previously public facilities pay less than what a typical homeowner pays per kWh (11 cents), the school, however, like all customers, pays a number of riders (extra costs) on their bill. Such riders for LVHS include Rider R Bear Garden Generation Station, Rider S Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, Rider T Transmission, Rider B Biomass Conversions, Rider W Warren County Power Station, Rider …

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